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 – this is Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™. With over 35 years of biotechnology experience, more than 5,000 dedicated and highly trained employees and a global network capable of providing the entire production chain from DNA to Fill & Finish, we are the preferred partner of our customers. Our track record speaks for itself: Since we started offering contract manufacturing in 1998, we have successfully brought 39 biologics to the market. We have also transferred and optimized more than 150 development and manufacturing projects at all stages from our customers to our facilities, as well as within our network.

As one of three business areas in our family-owned parent company, Boehringer Ingelheim, we are dedicated to the improvement of human and animal health. While we work with 15 of the world’s Top 20 pharma and many innovative biotech companies, we never lose sight of the patients that depend on our breakthrough therapies. We use our resources respectfully and plan in generations to ensure sustainability. Since innovation is a key value driver for us, we partner with the best and brightest, both inside and beyond our corporation, and especially with our customers. Whatever we do, we do with respect, trust and empathy, always measuring our performance against the ambition of our vision (see video below).

We deliver progress - and it’s our pleasure.

Over 35 Years Of Biotechnology Experience

World‘s leading and most trusted partner

Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ is the preferred partner for contract manufacturing of biopharmaceutical medicines through the entire product lifecycle from DNA to Fill & Finish.

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Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ offers services from DNA to Fill & Finish, from clinical to commercial supply.