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Recombinant Protein Production

Biotechnology uses microorganisms as well as biological substances to develop commercial products. We would like to give you a glimpse into what we do in this wide and fascinating field of applied biotechnology.





Biotechnology for pharmaceutical production

The term biotechnology refers to any technological application using biological systems and living organisms that make or modify products or processes to yield specific products or molecular entities. The different scientific fields of biotechnology are usually distinguished by their application:

  • 'green biotechnology' describes the application of genetic engineering to agricultural processes
  • 'grey (or white) biotechnology' describes the use of genetically modified organisms in industrial processes such as the production of food
  • 'red biotechnology' describes the application of biotechnology to medical research, diagnosis or for the production of medicines—which is where our expertise lies

In red biotechnology, often the genetic material of living cells or microorganisms is deliberately altered to allow the organism to perform new functions and produce for example a new therapeutic protein in bioreactors. Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ employs microorganisms such as E. coli and yeast or mammalian cell culture to perform manufacturing processes for the production of proteins and antibodies for human therapy.

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