Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ Team

We provide expertise and a committed team for your project, working to industry-leading timelines.
We take pride in setting quality and reliability standards.
One of our dedicated project managers will be in charge of ensuring the optimal project plan and smooth processes for your project.
It is our declared goal to integrate seamlessly into our client’s processes—making outsourcing as seamless as possible.


Finding the Optimal Strategy Together

Your biopharmaceuticals manufacturing team

It is our ambition to maintain our position as one of the industry's most trusted manufacturing partners. As your partner, we offer you the opportunity to leverage our expertise and process excellence at any stage of the development and production process. Our transparent and modular approach guarantees you complete project flexibility while maintaining full control over the process. Together with you, we will be happy to identify the project design that is most suitable for your strategic objectives and then implement it— while ensuring maximum efficiency, safety, quality and cost-effectiveness.

'Time-to-market' approach

Our established time-to-market approach ensures fast-track process development to commercial scale with the aim of providing early market supply, thus delivering an early return on investment. This strategy is an effective choice for projects where there is a high expectation of clinical success.

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