Quality Assurance and Quality Control

At Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ we pride ourselves on our quality standards. Protein analytical chemistry is a constantly changing field, with continual improvements being made to the sensitivity and selectivity of analytical assays.


Well-characterized biopharmaceuticals

The most advanced analytical tools in combination with sophisticated statistical evaluations are applied to ensure the concept of 'well-characterized biopharmaceuticals'. The selection of appropriate methods at each stage of the process is essential for success.


State-of-the-art protein analytical techniques

State-of-the-art protein analytical techniques are used to ensure the quality of biopharmaceuticals including potency, strength, purity, identity and safety.

It is our ambition and vision to hold our highly sophisticated analytical level which includes all currently available techniques in the field of chromatography, cell-based bioassays, ELISA and biosensor techniques, gel and capillary gel electrophoresis techniques, oligosaccharide analysis, spectroscopic techniques and sequence analysis, to name only a few. The relevant mass spectrometric methods complete the in-depth characterization of the biopharmaceuticals we produce.

Each analytical technique reveals only one piece of the puzzle, but complex biomolecules will be seen in full only when a well-chosen set of protein analytical techniques is combined. That is our unique strength.

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