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Apart from different dosage forms, Fill & Finish also offers various packaging options. From primary to secondary packaging of our manufactured biopharmaceuticals, Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ selects packaging components based on the specific needs of the formulated proteins. We always keep in mind user convenience and cater to your medical and marketing needs.

Our packaging experts focus on optimizing existing components and on developing new packaging in close collaboration with our suppliers. We also offer testing of the compatibility and stability of formulations and packaging.

We established a broad range of methods and tests:

  • Container closure integrity (e. g. frequency-modulated spectroscopy)
  • Functionality (e. g. break-loose and gliding forces)
  • Surface characterization (e. g. atomic force microscopy)
  • Seat of crimping cap and related stopper compression (e. g. residual seal force)

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