Global Manufacturing facilities in Biberach, Vienna, Fremont, CA, and Shanghai.

The Origin of our Success Story 

Mammalian cell culture production in Biberach, Germany.

Mammalian manufacturing facility: Biberach, Germany

As Europe’s largest biopharmaceutical multi-product plant for mammalian cell culture, our Biberach site offers the development and manufacture of therapeutic proteins and antibodies in one pilot plant and two large-scale manufacturing facilities. The site began operations in 1983, marking one of the major milestones for Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™.

The single-use plant that houses bioreactors from 100 L to 500 L as well as a disposable downstream processing facility provides the entire value chain from research and development to production. Fed-batch processes in large-scale bioreactors of 15,000 L are a core technology, but Biberach also offers perfusion processes in 2,000 L bioreactors established within the commercial facilities.

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Biberach Key Facts
History: Boehringer Ingelheim’s first plant started in 1983 and became the largest in Europe.
Employees: more than 2,600
Standout Characteristics: Center of excellence for cell line development (BI-HEX® CHO-K1)
Technology: Mammalian Cell Culture
Stainless Steel and Single-Use Bioreactors

Cell line and process development

Clinical and commercial

Fill & Finish

Track Record:

Launch site for almost all of our customers commercial mammalian products

Monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins, antibody fragments, complex antibodies, enzymes and other recombinant proteins

25+ years’ experience in clinical Fill & Finish

15+ years’ experience in manufacturing clinical and commercial cell banks

60 different biologics and about 80 different processes for manufacturing pre-clinical and clinical material

200 master, working and bioassay cell banks

Discover our site in Biberach

Discover our site in Biberach

Explore Europe’s largest biopharmaceutical multi-product plant for mammalian cell culture and click on the button to check out our careers opportunities and learn more about global mindset for breakthrough innovation in Biberach.