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Microbial production in Vienna, Austria

Microbial manufacturing facility: Vienna, Austria

In Vienna, we manufacture recombinant proteins, recombinant vaccines, antibody-like molecules and pDNA from microorganisms and yeast. As a Boehringer Ingelheim site, it marked the first international expansion as early as 1948. As a part of the Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ network, Vienna has been the only site offering microbial fermentation since 1983.

The importance of the site is set to increase even further in 2021, when the expected inauguration of the new Large-Scale Cell Culture (LSCC) facility will add a total capacity of 150,000 liters with flexible production volume. The large investment of 700 Mio EUR saw groundbreaking in 2017 and will create more than 500 additional jobs in the Vienna area.

The new home for your large scale cell culture production.

Vienna Key Facts
History: The microbial fermentation facility was built 1983 and expanded in 2005; 2017 saw the ground-breaking for the new LSCC facility.
Employees: more than 1,400
Standout Characteristics: Only site within the network for microbial products

Microbial technologies

Mammalian cell culture to be in 2021

Stainless Steel and Single-Use Bioreactors


Cell line and process development

Clinical and commercial

Fill & Finish

Track Record:

Several independent fermentation facilities for E. coli and other bacteria as well as for yeast technologies

Non-glycosylated recombinant proteins, antibody fragments, protein scaffolds, and plasmid DNA (pDNA)

Fill & Finish of lyophilized and liquid drug product in vials for clinical supply