Biopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing business of Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™.

Our Business

Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ offers reliable world-class biopharmaceuticals contract development and manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. With the complete range of services, from cell line and strain development including high expression systems through process development and large-scale manufacturing to Fill & Finish we help our customers to turn innovative biologic ideas into commercial reality on a global scale. Our extensive portfolio of capabilities and technologies includes the production of antibodies, recombinant proteins, non-antibody scaffolds, fab fragments as well as pDNA from either mammalian cell culture or microbial fermentation systems.

Contract Manufacturing Services from DNA to Fill & Finish.

Producing Value

We are the preferred partner for contract manufacturing of biopharmaceutical medicines through the entire product lifecycle from DNA to Fill & Finish.

Development and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical medicines from mammalian cell culture

Clinical & Commercial Supply from Mammalian Cell Cultures

We provide the entire value chain for biopharmaceutical medicines from mammalian cell cultures: cell line development, process development and clinical & commercial supply.

Development And Manufacturing Of Biopharmaceutical Medicines Based On Microbial Technologies

Clinical & Commercial Supply from Microbial Technologies

We are the experts for biopharmaceutical medicines based on microbial technologies including refolding, HPLC and crystallization.

cGMP manufacturing for clinical and commercial supply

Dedication to cGMP Manufacturing Excellence

Approved in cGMP manufacturing for clinical and commercial supply - our staff, systems and procedures ensure robust process performance and optimized late stage processes.

Upstream and Downstream Processing

Experts in Upstream and Downstream Processing

Upstream and downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals from mammalian cell cultures and microbial organisms.

Monoclonal antibody

Monoclonal Antibodies

We are your partner for the production of monoclonal antibodies.

Fab Fragment

Fab Fragment

Broad experience in manufacturing of fab fragments in mammalian and microbial systems.

Specialists for plasmid DNA production.

Plasmid DNA Production

Discover our plasmid DNA production solutions from research to GMP proven by a proven track record.

Aseptic processing of biopharmaceutical medicines

State-of-the-art Fill & Finish around our  Global Network

As a leader in aseptic processing of biopharmaceutical medicines we offer Fill & Finish services of freeze-dried products and liquids in vials and syringes.