Contract Manufacturing Services from DNA to Fill & Finish.

The One-Stop-Shop for Contract Manufacturing

We are the preferred partner and single supplier for the production of biopharmaceutical medicines, ranging from mammalian cell cultures to microbial and yeast fermentations. We have extensive experience with a variety of different host cells, producing an equally broad variety of molecules according to cGMP manufacturing guidelines and covering all stages of development including Fill & Finish. Our focus is on producing value for our customers with robust processes, optimal preparation for launch and global commercial supplies.

Tailored customer support from first contact to market launch

We tailor the partnerships with our customers to their specific needs and provide product supply throughout the entire product lifecycle – transferring the project at any stage and delivering to any scale. Our more than 4,600 dedicated employees are here to consult and support, always aiming to find the best-suited business model for our customers. We accompany them from first contact to market launch and commercial supply. After all, producing value is not just a product issue, but the result of close, service-oriented partnership that has mutual success as its driving ambition. This is why our customer management teams are conveniently located close to our customers in their respective markets. In this setup, we can pair our high-quality products and services with the transparency and direct communication our customers deserve and expect.

The smart manufacturing solutions employed across our global network empower our customers to navigate the challenges of the biopharmaceutical market. Regardless of project stage or scale, our transparent and modular approach makes outsourcing easy. In the end, the goal is to bring better medicines to patients quickly and in uncompromising quality. On the way to that goal, we help our customers save resources and attain the flexibility and freedom to pursue their own ambitions. In short:

We help you focus on your strategic priorities.

One-stop Shop: Services

  • Genetic engineering
  • Cell line and strain development including high expression systems
  • Mammalian and microbial host systems
  • Up- and downstream processing
  • Fast and tailored project transfers
  • Large-scale GMP facilities licensed by the EMA, the FDA, the PMDA and many other regulatory authorities
  • Early-stage toxicology supply up to late-stage, commercial supply
  • Formulation and pharmaceutical process development
  • Fill & Finish
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Worldwide registration support
One-Stop-Shop: From DNA to Fill & Finish

Expertise in Host Cells

We have extensive and proven experience with a variety of different host cells in mammalian cell cultures and microbial systems.

We have extensive and proven experience with a variety of different host cells in mammalian cell cultures  and microbial systems.

Experience with host cells from mammalian and microbial technologies
  • CHO
  • NS0
  • SP2.0
  • E. coli
  • P. pastoris
  • S. cerevisiae
  • P. fluorescens
  • H. polymorpha

Expertise in Molecule Formats

We are producing an equally broad variety of mammalian and microbial molecules according to cGMP manufacturing guidelines.

We are producing an equally broad variety of mammalian and microbial molecules according to cGMP manufacturing guidelines.

Experience with molecule formats from mammalian and microbial technologies
  • Monoclonal antibodies (mAb)
  • Recombinant glycosylated proteins
  • Recombinant non-glycosylated proteins
  • Antibody fragments
  • Fc-Fusion proteins
  • Protein scaffolds
  • Plasmid DNA (pDNA)