Development and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical medicines based on microbial technologies.

The Full Scale of Microbial

From our specialist site for microbial fermentation in Vienna, Austria, we have to date brought 17 microbial molecules to the market. We offer the full scale of microbial technology, including refolding, HPLC and crystallization with more than 12,000 L of commercial capacity with flexible scales for clinical supply from 200 L to 6,000 L.

Various toolboxes for protein production

Our genetic toolbox enables protein production in soluble intracellular or periplasmic space or as insoluble intracellular inclusion bodies, with a protein yield of more than 20 g/L of insoluble inclusion bodies and up to 15 g/L of soluble product. In addition, Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence's™ established refolding protocols lead to recovery yields of more than 90% of native protein from inclusion body product. 

We own several plasmid-based gene expression systems for Escherichia coli (B-, K12-derivatives), yeast and Pseudomonas, forming a broad toolbox for versatile protein production applications. We have also developed a scaffold-manufacturing toolbox based on an E. coli production platform for a variety of affinity scaffold proteins and antibody derivatives, allowing for easier data interpretation and earlier availability of optimized methods.

We have the right microbial toolbox for your project.

Microbial Fermentation at a glance

  • Experience with diverse molecule formats, including antibody fragments, peptide hormones, plasmid DNA, scaffolds, recombinant proteins, enzymes and recombinant vaccines
  • Soluble expression in E. coli with improved genome integration and titers increased 14-fold for Fabs
  • Automated lab and automated immunoassays
  • Screening in multi-fermenters
  • 1-phase CFD simulation at different scales
  • Optimized scale-down model
  • E. coli expression feasibility studies for new antibody derivate and scaffold molecules
Proven experience in biopharmaceutical medicines from microbial fermentation

Yeast Expression

  • Hansenula polymorpha fermentations with titers above 5 g/L
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae processes with titers up to 3 g/L
  • The proprietary Pichia pastoris expression system in collaboration with VALIDOGEN GmbH distinguished by its speed of development, high yields and high-quality results (expression titers of more than 10 g/L)
  • Microbial production of Nanobodies® and HAS fusion proteins
  • Protein purification in as little as 12 weeks


E. coli Expression

  • High product titers for intracellular and outstanding titers for periplasmic expression: Expression titers of up to 15 g/L in E. coli were achieved in combination with high refolding yields above 90% for different Nanobody® formats
  • Defined media without complex components
  • Analytical toolbox