Downstream Technology

Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ is also experienced in downstream processing including IPC methods. All state of the art techniques such as chromatography methods (e.g. ion chromatography, HPLC chromatography), tangential flow filtration, charged filters and the required analytical methods are established and continuously improved.

Our strategy is to develop customized purification processes for each therapeutic protein drug or monoclonal antibody. Due to our automated approach including integrated key analytical screening methods we are able to do develop robust purification processes at very competitive timelines equal to the one employed in a platform process.

This strategy insures a very competitive development timeline, while including the application of Quality by Design strategies, high-throughput biophysical and biochemical assays, and automated screening platforms. We also have representative small-scale models in place that simulate large-scale purification development.

Our downstream capabilities match the scale of fermentation. This means that one fermentation batch can be purified in a single run without the need for sub-lotting.


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Purification - Example of tPA

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