RAPPTor protein purification

Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ employs high-throughput screening methods to shorten time lines in process development.

The Rapid Automated Protein Purification Technology (RAPPTor™) is a multi-parallel screening and analytical platform that allows developers to optimize process conditions and process understanding with significantly reduced timelines through the use of miniaturization and high throughput screening and analytics.

RAPPTor™ eliminates development bottlenecks and delivers a complete and scalable data set for all process parameters screen. Process variables such as resins, binding, and elution conditions are optimized for yield and critical quality parameters to efficiently deliver a robust process with a defined design space. The complete screening process is automated from buffer and plate preparation to sample pooling and analytical measurements in order to maximize output and influence development decisions in real-time.


Your advantages at a glance: RAPPTor™

  • Requires only small amounts of protein so that the approach can be utilized very early in development.
  • Gives developers critical process knowledge for each column and filtration step prior during cell line development when downstream is not on critical path.
  • Expands the impact of automation in later stages of development such as troubleshooting in process transfers, process scale-up and process characterization studies, thanks to its scalability.
  • Allows Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ (in combination with Design of Experiments (DoE) strategies) to incorporate Quality by Design throughout the development process.


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The RAPPTor™ Technology

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