High expression biotechnology

The Boehringer Ingelheim High Expression Technology (BI-HEX®) is an established high expression technology platform that facilitates fast-track development of high-quality, high-titer processes for production of biopharmaceuticals from mammalian cell cultures (CHO cells).

The integrated state-of-the-art technology platform, BI-HEX®, encompasses:

  • Optimized expression vectors with proprietary genetic elements.
  • Suspension adapted CHO-K1 host cell line portfolio for improved protein secretion and with different glycoprofiles.
  • Proprietary chemically defined media and feed platform and well-characterized down-scale models.
  • Automation and miniaturization platforms for high throughput screening in cell line and purification development (RAPPTor™).
  • DoE-driven process development supported by state-of-the-art process monitoring and Systems Biotechnology approaches. 

The very robust cell lines grow in chemically defined serum-free media from day one. We achieve record specific productivities of up to 100 pg/cell/day and titers up to 8 g/L. Through early integration of analytical methods a fast assessment of product quality is possible. Furthermore, the extended CHO host cell portfolio allows the best product fit—a perfect match for second-generation processes. Your cell line can be generated in as few as seven months.

In total, more than 40 BI-HEX® cell line development programs have been completed and material produced using this method was sufficient to meet the supply requirements for conducting Phase III clinical trials.

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