Media Design & Optimization

Biotech media design and optimization

Typical cell culture basal media are composed of more than a hundred components in different concentrations. Therefore, further process improvement requires a fundamental and detailed knowledge of the nutritional requirements of the cellular production system itself. In order to significantly augment the productivity of a production process, it is vital to gain insight into the right balance of basal media and feed media components.This includes both process design aspects as well as tools to potentially get insight into intracellular networks.

To demonstrate the feasibility of this approach, Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ generated CHO Gene Expression data and applied a bioinformatics tools to optimize production processes through rational media design. In general, combined comprehensive data analysis from media-derived changes as well as cell-intrinsic data may alleviate potential metabolic limitations and thus serve as a scientific basis for rational bioprocess optimization.


Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ has recently introduced the BI2.0 medium as part of the BI-HEX® platform. The new BI2.0 medium is chemically defined and animal component free. Developed over a period greater than 3 years, BI2.0 is a metabolically balanced medium that was rationally designed applying systems biotechnology tools. The medium has been successfully used for multiple cell lines including CHOK1, DG44 and CHOK1SV. BI2.0 has shown capability of sustaining significantly higher cell density and titers versus earlier version of the medium. The medium formulation is available in powder form and has been successfully introduced in multiple programs under development.

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