Pseudomonas Expression System

Pseudomonas protein expression

Boehringer Ingelheim and Pfenex Inc.'s strategic collaboration provides our customers royalty-free access to the Pfenex Expression Technology™ platform. The Pseudomonas fluorescence based platform technology has maintained an unprecedented success rate in its ability to rapidly produce high titers of soluble and active protein.

The development packages for Pseudomonas based expression include vector and strain construction, with screening and small-scale fermentation within ten weeks by Pfenex. Additionally, fermentation and purification process development as well as scale-up will be performed at Boehringer Ingelheim at your request.

This high throughput and automated technology enables the construction and screening of thousands of unique expression strains combining novel gene expression strategies and host cell phenotypes rapidly delivering:

  • Soluble expression of active protein thus avoiding the need for protein refolding
  • Efficient downstream processes
  • High quality profiles
  • Secured process development, process scale up and cGMP manufacturing by Boehringer Ingelheim

You can also find information about the Pfēnex Expression Technology™ platform at

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