Scaffold Proteins Platform

Scaffold proteins platform

Boehringer Ingelheim has developed a scaffold-manufacturing toolbox based on an E. coli production platform for a variety of affinity scaffold proteins and antibody derivatives, such as single-chain antibodies (scFv), Nanobodies®, Anticalins® and others.
Our long-term expertise in the biopharmaceutical business enables us to provide short development times due to efficient and robust manufacturing processes. Continually optimized high cell-density fermentation processes allow for product titers exceeding 10 g/L. Semi-automated refolding and chromatography resin screening support a fast and effective development of the subsequent downstream process.

The Nanobody® toolbox, for example, consists of a modular vector concept, different expression systems in E. coli and yeast, and an efficient refolding and purification platform.


This platform offers:

  • High product titers for intracellular and outstanding titers for periplasmic expression: Expression titers of up to 15 g/L in E. coli were achieved in combination with high refolding yields above 90% for different Nanobody® formats
  • Defined media without complex components
  • An analytical toolbox


The scaffold platform technology allows for:

  • Easier data interpretation based on broader experience
  • Earlier availability of optimized methods (shorter start-up, no screening)
  • Consequent reduction in future development costs

In addition to process developments and transfers Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence™ offers E. coli expression feasibility studies for new antibody derivates and scaffold molecules. Starting from the cDNA of a given molecule, research material appropriate for pre-clinical in vivo studies including a preliminary downstream process can be provided within three to four months.

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